Know about prohibited and restricted items in Courier Company

Courier Company is playing in vital role in personal as well as professional life of the people. Nowadays s, courier companies use in various sectors no matter what are you doing. There are so many services that you get from a courier company like courierpoint. Not only that now you can even track your own parcel on your phone. That means, no matter where you are and what are you doing, you will get every single detail regarding your parcel. Where you are getting such services, there are few restrictions and rules too. Many of the people don’t know about such things, so at the end they face some major problems.

Why things are forbidden in Courier Company?

The reason behind banning some items for shipping is simple, anything that can be harmful to others or for, the courier company is not allowed to ship. However, it is dependent on the country where are you parceling your stuffs. Some items are restricted by the courier company, which means you can’t ship those items via any courier company. Whereas some items are banned from countries like shipping a calendar o Vietnam is illegal but it’s legal in other countries.

What some items are restricted and prohibited in Courier Company?

Finding a cheap courier to Australia or from somewhere to somewhere, but before to know about thing that is based on that country. Here are some things that are strictly forbidden to ship.

Any kind of human organs and living animals: you can’t parcel anything that comes under human body parts. It’s a n illegal and you can be also possibly punished. And the same thing applies to shipping living animal too.

Any kind of Explosives items: such goods that can produce fire and explosive substances are strictly banned for which include flares, fireworks, , detonators etc

All kinds of Gases:  A thing that contains gases such as cartridges, fire extinguishers, gases that are used in cooking food, fuel cell cartridges, etc are not allowed for shipping.

Things that are toxic and Infectious: in Courier Company, these things are strictly prohibited to parcel from one to another country. You can’t parcel anything that can be poisonous and unhealthy for health.

Alcohol and unpacked foods:  however you can parcel foods that are properly packed and uncooked. Nevertheless, those eatable items that are cooked or unpacked are restricted for shipping. You can’t parcel alcohol like things to another country.