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Human Resources at ValueMags

Human resources is one of the most important departments at ValueMags and is the first in the corporate process. Human resources manages the company`s employees. The department is responsible for review resumes, and booking appointments for interviews explains ValueMags. They are also responsible for booking follow up interviews and eventually hiring. On the other hand, they are also responsible for firing and laying off based on employee performance and company performance or company health. Lastly, HR needs to pay manage every pay check for each department/step in operations and on the corporate level.


  • The application of human resources at ValueMags must keep track of all resumes in alphabetical order, sort through basic criteria in the resumes to narrow it down for employees in that department (sort based on automated words and sentence to search for, ex: University degree), must keep track of how many employees are in each department, is responsible for direct deposits of pay checks to employees, each employees hours (in a repertoire of their names in alphabetical order), create a master interview schedule.
  • ValueMags also needs to be able to calculate a schedule of interviews including their time, location, the information of the person being interviewed and the chief that is coordinating and attending the interview. The schedule can be changed but only employees of authority can override the schedule and make changes.

In addition, ValueMags human resources is responsible for being able to calculate the amount of money put into each department every month (money to pay employees) and provide a running chart and statistics over time. ValueMags process includes having charts and graphs that should represent the relationship between how much money is put into each department and the number of employees in each department. This demonstrates to ValueMags chiefs if their money is being well spent or not and if there is enough work or too much work (need to hire or lay off).

How to Grow Your Business with Lead Management

When you have a successful company like GWC Valve International, it is important to always look on how you can gain more customers by turning leads into customers. It is important to get your marketing and sales people or teams working together in a systematic and structured way. There are 7 steps to consider when it comes to growing your business with lead management. These include:

  1. Define the perfect lead: figuring out specifics about your ideal lead and making your sales and marketing teams aware of this persona will help you hone in on your target. It is important to know your leads problems and interests, the type of content that will attract them, their preferred channels for communication, and their role in the buying process.


  1. Attract them with targeted content: companies that blog generate 67% more leads than companies that do not. Blogging allows you to influence the buyers decision by showcasing the leadership and expertise unique to your business.
  1. Line up your sales and marketing teams: your sales and marketing employees all need to be on the same page if they are going to convert prospects successfully.
  1. Plan the nurture journey: this involves how you build relationships with prospects and as well as retain lesser-qualified leads for future interest. Make sure you only pass leads to the sales team when they are actually ready.
  1. Invest in marketing automation: this tool works to automate your lead management processes and show you the impact of your marketing activities. It can also save you time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.
  1. Keep your data clean: quality data will show the effectiveness and potential weaknesses of your sales and marketing activities. Inaccurate data can actually damage your reputation, lower conversion rates, and cause you to lose prospects.
  1. Establish a feedback loop: closing a deal or losing a lead is not the final step, it is important to ask questions so you can gain insights on how to improve your lead management process going forward.

Download famous English songs: enjoy different modes of entertainment

Influence of the western music is growing day by day in fact nowadays bollywood songs are also filled with the English lyrics. People all around the world may have different taste or interests in the musical nodes. Really, these musical nodes have tendency to make any individual its craziest fan while many people experiences as a off way from all the pressure of the life. Children and adults are generally getting attached when the musical beats or the lyric that are played and even the toddlers are greatly attracted towards the colorful videos and songs. As the technology is getting high you can free download new English Songs of your favorite music.


Relaxing music

You will definitely enjoy English song free download as nobody would like to miss their favorite party tune. Some of the best English party or rap songs are listed below while one would surely download it.

  • Happy by Pharrell Williams

You may also know about this song that something is very special in this song. This song is dedicated to each and every individual to be happy if you won a holiday, kissed a girl or got a job. This is global chartbuster from 2013 and Pharrell is celebrating joy and relishing all the dance moves on the dance floor.

  • Dark horse by Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer while originally the song was recorded in the 2013 featuring rapper Juicy J. Dark horse is combination of hip hop and trap genres. The track is with the mature and seductive tone while that also became best selling song throughout the worldwide.

  • Hideaway by Kiesza

This song is popularly known for its strong musical support and powerful beats. With the powerful melodious touch this song is also considered best pop song. Definitely, it is the best party song while covers huge audience including the adults and youngsters.

  • Wave by Mr. Probz

The special thing about this song is that it holds unique melodious touch with the energetic beats. In this season, it is the best released pop song in Europe while it also holds most downloadable tracks and bets selling song in the Europe.

The famous songs from the different corners all around the globe are able to portray their respective culture. By downloading the most famous musical English songs from all around the world, you will definitely realize that music has taken different colors and shapes that are changed from past few years.